Ergonomic babywearing

The babywearing has many benefits for you and your baby. Babies who are held physically close to their parents and other caregivers are calmer and more relaxed. Carried babies cry less and are more able to regulate their own physiological functions (breathing, heart rate, temperature) in response to their caregiver. Babies who are carried learn more because babywearing brings the baby up to adult level, they are generally interacted with more than if they were down low in a pushchair. Babywearing helps you and your baby to communicate with other. In addition the babywearing is convenient. You can go to places where strollers can’t, for example hiking, stairs, etc. Baby carriers can thus help you and your baby to enjoy their childhood. But it is important to choose the right baby carrier which will ensure the ergonomically correct "M" position.

Therefore you can find only ergonomic baby carriers on this website. There are a several types of baby carriers which we offer here. Full buckle carriers (soft structure carriers) are soft bodied carriers that have buckle waist and shoulder straps. It is a good choice for someone who wants quick and easy to use baby carrier. An onbuhimo is a ergonomic baby carrier without waist belt. It is suitable for children who are already sitting. The last one is a meh dai. They are soft bodied carries with a tie, waist, and shoulder straps that come around baby and tie. Meh dais are a good choice for someone who likes the adjustability of a wrap, but wants something slightly faster to get on.